Anhui Liyuan CNC blade mould manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Anhui city of Ma'anshan province Bowang district. The national high-tech enterprise, China key mold enterprises in Anhui Province, found new special expertise enterprise.

As the earliest R & D production CNC bending machine tooling and shearing machine blade, one of professional manufacturers, Anhui Liyuan CNC blade mold manufacturing Co., Ltd. since the start at the beginning will establish the development road of independent innovation, efforts to build brand products with independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, the company has established a "quality management system", "measurement management system" and "standardization of good behavior system", "safety production standardization system a series of enterprise management standards, fundamentally ensures the product quality effectively control and regulate enterprise management order.

The company has a stable team of professional and technical personnel, and Anhui University of Technology mature "research" cooperation mechanism, so that the development of the company's track is always based on the forefront of the domestic industry.

Company uses high quality steel production of "up to" brand series of blade mold, is widely used in the domestic and foreign various brands of shearing and folding machinery equipment, the products sell well throughout the country, and many well-known domestic manufacturers of machine tools and has established strategic cooperative relations, long-term and stable for the provided for high-quality ancillary products, and obtained a good reputation. In addition to a wide range of supply to the domestic market, but also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other places.

In 2010, the company decided to mold the large-scale, precision, numerical control integration for the development of enterprises. The establishment of enterprise architecture research and development at the same time, established a municipal enterprise technology center, to further play the established the organizational structure of the management functions on the basis of existing institutional innovation, organization and integration of resources for social innovation, in order to promote the technological innovation and technological progress of the company.

March 2014, Anhui University of Technology and the joint establishment of precision sheet metal forming die Research Institute of our company was formally established. The establishment of the Institute will be the greatest degree of the Research Institute "based on the enterprise, service society" for the purpose of running, so as to provide better and more professional services to the common progress of the regional economy.

As of January 2016, the company has two invention patents, 20 utility model patents and one patent authorized by the state intellectual property institutions; 5 technology through the identification of scientific and technological achievements of Anhui Province Science and Technology Agency; a new technology products were included in the Anhui Province 2012 key new product projects and national Torch Plan book; independent research and development of "NC bending process of S-shaped bending, gas dynamic double edge and the convex compensation technology" won the third prize of Anhui Province 2011 Annual Scientific and technological progress.

Through constant innovation and technological transformation, a number of new products with the domestic leading level, and new devices have been to the market, and get the same praise. With the "long one double flanging die, medial bending extrusion molded door, sheet metal bending with can be adjusted convex table and a number of large-scale, precision CNC bending die device for on behalf of the company's leading products, not only to meet the high standards of quality requirements of domestic customers, also effectively broke the foreign similar or similar products in China's monopoly.

Companies based on the pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service, the service and expand the combination, to further create the "can achieve" product brand awareness. With a good market reputation and outstanding management performance, since 2008, the company has a "can Tatsu" trademark for the two time was named "Anhui famous trademark"".

In 2012 March, with expensive market possession rate and brand visibility, Anhui Liyuan CNC blade mold manufacturing Co., Ltd. by the China Die & Mould Industry Association for the evaluation of the sheet metal bending die key enterprises.

The company presided over the drafting of the plate bending machine bending die "(JB / T 11634-2013, the plate material bending machine bending mode" (JB / T 11635-2013 and the plate bending machine with deflection compensation with relief work station "(JB / T 12521-2015 three industry standard has been in the nationwide implementation.

January 2015, covers an area of 52 acres of annual production capacity of acres (sets) CNC intelligent sheet metal mold and precision stamping equipment industry projects into the construction stage. After the completion of the project, Liyuan company will with new business structure and high quality products for the innovative development of China blade mould and forming equipment industry to add new vitality.

As a progressive, private technology enterprises, Liyuan company will from beginning to end is committed to improve product quality and enhance the brand image and efforts for sheet metal forming field to provide the best solution.



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